Seletti and Terres d'Afrique Opening First U.S. Locations at BrandBox in Tysons Corner Center


SGN to open the first retail stores in North America for brands Seletti from Italy and Terres d’Afrique from South Africa

SGN Group announced today that two of the most relevant international brands in home décor and cosmetics respectively, Seletti and Terres d’Afrique, will open their first retail stores in North America at BrandBox in Tysons Corner, Virginia. BrandBox is the turnkey, flexible real estate offering from premier REIT, Macerich, for emerging brands to establish a physical store footprint.

Both Seletti and Terres d’Afrique have products featured at HiO, the retail platform created by SGN Group to ‘incubate’ new brands in the United States. Both brands have proven potential in the U.S. market and are ready to have their own retail presence. Customers at Tysons Corner Center will have the opportunity to access the full assortment of products from Seletti and Terres d’Afrique.


Seletti store at BrandBox Tysons Corner Center

Seletti and Terres d’Afrique are both internationally revered in their own markets. These product categories have a proven record of solid growth in North America. Both retail spaces at BrandBox in Tysons Corner Center are about 1,000 square feet, and are managed by a sales team fully trained on each brand.

“We have found the perfect match between two unique and successful international brands. We know the customer from the Washington, D.C. metro area, who shops at Tysons Corner Center, has a sophisticated taste,” said Sever Garcia, founder of SGN Group, LLC.

“We believe in the U.S. market and we are going to focus our investments here in the coming years. Terres d’Afrique has all the elements to succeed here: botanical, sustainably sourced and Fair Trade. Nature is our inspiration and it can be seen in the effectiveness of our products,” said Stephan Helary, founder of Terres d’Afrique.


Terres d'Afrique store at BrandBox Tysons Corner Center

“Tysons Corner is perfect for Seletti. I am sure people living in the Washington, D.C. area will recognize our brand from their travels abroad. Now they will have full access to our products locally” says Cristiano Gozzi, VP of International Business Development at Seletti.

About SGN Group:

SGN Group is the market leader for established and emerging European fashion, cosmetics and jewelry brands looking to enhance their U.S. presence. The group has also become the “go-to” firm for top American companies looking to expand their business in Europe. Visit to learn more.

About Seletti:

Seletti, founded in 1964 in Italy, focuses on collections that contain art blended with daily life icons that send a message of shape and function while conveying the possibility to create a unique, personal, fun lifestyle.

About Terres d’Afrique:

Terres d'Afrique (TDA) launched in 2013 in South Africa, creates sustainable and organic skincare that harnesses the potency of Africa's botanical heritage in a collection of laboratory crafted formulations.