Go from the world wide web to the big wide world.

Meeting your needs every step of the way

When you launch your store with BrandBox, we take care of the big jobs like construction and getting permits, as well as minor details like making sure the back room is stocked with cleaning supplies.


Meet your team + pick your site

From the jump you’ll get matched with a BrandBox team to help select your brand’s perfect site. Choose from premium locations around the country, based on customer demographic data, ideal co-tenants, average spend, and more.


Choose your design + bring it to life

Pick from our selection of store formats and themes to create your very own detailed store design brief. Then step back and watch as our network of industry-leading architects, design companies, contractors and suppliers bring your brand to life.

Store Formats

First, we help you select from 3 different store formats based on your goals for the store and desired customer interactions.

  • Full Shop

    Full (or majority of) product line is on display, and consumers can immediately trial and purchase products.

  • Showroom

    Carefully curated inventory tells a unique brand story, and encourages consumers to interact with select products from the line. Fulfillment can be immediate/in-store or shipped to the customer's home.

  • Guideshop

    Brand ambassadors guide consumers through the curation of products, encourage trial/try on, and convey the brand’s story. In-store purchases are shipped to the customer’s home.

Store themes

In addition to store formats, we offer a variety of store themes to match the look and feel of your brand.


Stunningly ornamental and detail oriented design create an immersive and aspirational storybook dream world.


The aspirational yet attainable version of your dream home.


An imagination-driven playscape full of dream-like shapes and colors.


Clean, gallery-style presentation that emphasizes storytelling around each product for an elevated feel.


Large pops of color drive attention with limited textures and environmental distraction.


It’s about an expression of quality, craftsmanship, and the story of how (and why) a product’s made.


Minimalist space with character that references the straightforward and gritty nature of an industrial work environment with an upscale twist.


Plant and wood heavy. Curves and natural patina. An expression of the outside world inside the doors of the store.


Grayscale world with limited textures and visual distractions putting the product on center stage for consumers.


Space age environment that focuses on the sci-fi, hyper-modern aspects of tech and decor.


Top-to-bottom + end-to-end

BrandBox manages every aspect of the build-out process, so let us do the heavy and not so heavy lifting — from building the space to stocking the shelves and everything in between.


Recruit your team + prep for success

Not only will BrandBox help you recruit your staff, we’ll partner with you to launch killer marketing, finalize visual merchandising, and anything else you need to get you opening-day ready.


Never-ending data + go-the-distance partners

Our in-store analytics platform gives you real-time data on sales performance, and our on-site success managers stay ready to answer any and all questions and provide killer advice on logistics, staff mentoring, marketing events, and anything else you can imagine.