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Digital natives are reaching new customers face-to-face

From 2016 to 2017, the total number of retail stores opened by digitally native brands has grown by 120% and the number of digitally native brands opening their first offline store has accelerated steadily since 2012.

Create immersive experiences

Since millennials hold experiences in the highest regard, creating an immersive brand experience is key.

Build brand trust and legitimacy

Real-life experiences humanize the brand, building trust and legitimacy with customers.

Enable physical interaction

A store creates an opportunity for customers to interact with your product and brand in a way that’s not possible online.

Increase awareness and exposure

81% of brands that move to brick and mortar are looking for another avenue for brand awareness.

Leverage an untapped channel

Physical retail is a powerful channel for brand growth – online and offline. Emerging brands see an average of 45% increase in web traffic following a store opening. (Source: ICSC 2018)

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