Get real

Digital natives are reaching new customers face-to-face

The world is beginning to open up, and brands are embracing newness in the form of IRL experiences to win back customers after a tough year.

  • Create immersive experiences

    Since millennials hold experiences in the highest regard, creating an immersive brand experience is key.

  • Build brand trust and legitimacy

    Real-life experiences humanize the brand, building trust and legitimacy with customers.

  • Enable physical interaction

    A store creates an opportunity for customers to interact with your product and brand in a way that’s not possible online.

  • Increase awareness and exposure

    81% of brands that move to brick and mortar are looking for another avenue for brand awareness.

  • Leverage an untapped channel

    Physical retail is a powerful channel for brand growth – online and offline. Emerging brands see an average of 45% increase in web traffic following a store opening. (Source: ICSC 2018)